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Lynx-2-Spirit Massage Kokopelli

Healing Modalities

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Deep Tissue Massage

I start off with very light massage and go deeper and deeper as each body area permits and as deep as the client can tolerate. I use my hands, fists thumbs elbows, and side arm to accomplish this. I always back out with eas to lighter and ligher strokes on each body part until I am finished with that area.

Pricing: 1 Hour: $110 | 1.5 Hour: $140

Salt Scrub Massage

A Salt Scrub Massage can be added on to the end of a massage. Using a blend of sea salt, scented essential oils and coconut oil. Massaging in and scrubbing the skin with the salt scrub over the entire body. So cleansing and refreshing. Your skin will feel like a baby's butt all over.

Pricing: $25


Hydrotherapy includes using hot packs or cold packs on areas of the body as needed. No extra charge

Ice Massage

I use ice cubes to massage as needed on specific areas of the body to help breakup adhesions and scar tissue to help speed up the healing process. It always provides great releif. No extra charge

Hot Rock Massage

A Hot Rock massage is done my heating up special rocks in hot water at a temperature of about 110 degrees. The stones are placed on areas of your body to heat up those muscles. I also will use some of the hot stones to massage with. This is a very invigorating and healing massage.

Pricing: 1.5 hour: $150

Hand and Foot Reflexology

Hand and foot reflexology is a method of massaging the hands and feet based on the Chinese meridian system. It is said that both the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet reflect all of the organs and the systems of the body. It is very stimulating and healing.

Pricing: 30 minutes | $45

Spiritual Counseling

Engaging in a conversation for discovering and transformation in our human beingness. Having great insight that is empowering and nurturing to us and feels safe

Pricing: 1 hour| $75

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